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Public Speaking - Specialist Subject

Defining your Public Speaking Specialist Subject area is the next step along the road to becoming a recognised Public Speaker.

My Specialist Subject is...

I've started so I'll finish

Now is the time to move on from just speaking in public and begin to define what it is that you speak about.

If you are a mountaineer or an athlete, a successful business person or a midwife, then the choice is easy for you.

Speak about what you know

If your choice is less clear then you need to think more objectively about your market.

You may keep tropical fish, but if you choose this as your specialist subject, then you know you will have a limited market.

If on the other hand you chose your journey from redundancy to successful new life, then predictably your target audience will be wider.

Speak about your passion

There is no substitute for passion. If you choose for your specialist subject something you feel strongly about, you will speak well about it; you will be able to handle challenging questions about it; you will be able to hold your own.

Purely because you feel so strongly about the issue.

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