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Public Speaking - Speak Every Day

Mastering Public Speaking can be the making of a career. The first thing to get to grips with is beginning. Don't delay, start today. If you do nothing else but speak in public once every day you will make startling progress.

Speak Every Day

Find some opportunity to make a prepared speech every day.

Do not over reach your self with this.

Start small.

Prepare something to say:

An announcement to your family
Read out the minutes of the last meeting
A thank you to the organiser of a small event
A request to a group of colleagues for assistance

Then tell someone you are going to do it.

This sounds weird, but it will keep you to your word and help you not bottle out when the time comes.

The trick with these is that they really don't feel like Public Speaking, but as they are actually speaking in public, they give you vital practice without alerting everyone to the fact that you are doing it.

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