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Public Speaking - Getting Feedback

Mastering Public Speaking can be the making of a career. Getting good feedback can help you develop rapidly as a public speaker. However good feedback is surprisingly difficult to find.

Getting feedback

How'm I doin'?

The best advice you can ever have about progressing as public speaker is "Get the right Feedback"

People will happily tell you what they thought of your speech, but without a guiding hand from you they are likely to move quickly to the things that they think you should improve or change.

Ask them what they liked, what was funny or interesting or what was the best thing in the speech.

This sort of feedback helps you hone your speech and delivery far more than knowing what was wrong.

"What was wrong" feedback will discourage and demoralise even the thickest skinned speaker.

And besides most things that people perceive as being improvable are easily fixed by concentrating on doing .

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